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  ziggys 550aab7f2f
merge master from flurry remote 7 months ago
  ziggys 9d71887637
[PATCH] custom colors from config.h 7 months ago
  ziggys a9345995d1
[CUSTOM] colors 9 months ago
  Gantron fb72423bfd Add note to readme about how to set fg and bg colors in .Xresources 11 months ago
  Gantron c95ef7e27b Add note and comment about how realpath is not sent to key-handler 11 months ago
  Gantron 80ebea9327 Add more mods info to README.md 11 months ago
  Gantron cedc3bb0ae Another minor edit to README.md 11 months ago
  Gantron 0f7d9f41f9 Minor edit to README.md 11 months ago
  Gantron 1e361e9e42 Add fork prefix to README.md 11 months ago
  Gantron 50dc991f20 Mess with arcana to get bar colors back 11 months ago
  Gantron 77fe5689cb Free up ctrl-u (was unmark_all) 11 months ago
  Gantron d46e69d7c0 Send unbound keypresses to key_handler 11 months ago
  Gantron d6893b86ee Add hint in man page about changing colors in .Xresources file 11 months ago
  Gantron 64c366be43 Fix 1.5zoom and myzoom merge conflict in commands.c 11 months ago
  Gantron fd7324fff6 Finer and bigger zoom levels 11 months ago
  Gantron ec817d5da4 Put back old mouse settings 11 months ago
  Gantron 59ffa211f1 Add delete-hook mod changes in config.def.h 11 months ago
  Gantron ce9cb853e1 Add run_key_handler declaration in commands.c 11 months ago
  Gantron 84a630e80c Add 1.5zoom mod changes in command.c and image.c 11 months ago
  Gantron c46af784da Add delete-hook mod changes in command.c 11 months ago
  Gantron 851ce0c8ac Use giflib 5.2.1 11 months ago
  Bert Münnich 07300da7df Do not keep track of fullscreen state 1 year ago
  Bert Münnich 28868767e6 Use normal win colors in fullscreen mode 1 year ago
  Bert Münnich 6511d681ac Hint to xrdb for changing X resources 1 year ago
  Bert Münnich 18d63dba28 Mention supported X resources in man page 1 year ago
  Bert Münnich 7bde7e618a Change colors and font only via X resources 1 year ago
  vxid 4407a3de54 Add Xresources font support 1 year ago
  Chris Down a75411567e gitignore: Ignore autogenerated version.h 1 year ago
  Bert Münnich 7b813ea06d Fix comparison broken by signedness 1 year ago
  Foldex 278f0ce94e Match fallback font FC_SIZE to original font 1 year ago
  Bert Münnich 1ef5429702 Search freetype headers under PREFIX too 1 year ago
  Bert Münnich f88afbb277 Stable version 25 1 year ago
  Bert Münnich 24cce54ea0 New colors 1 year ago
  Bert Münnich d5b8242706 Mention X resource properties in build-time color config 1 year ago
  Bert Münnich 174e2dd94c Overhaul introductionary text 1 year ago
  Bert Münnich 919ada1123 Align compile-time color options with X resource colors 1 year ago
  Bert Münnich 9d244da512 Simplify X resource retrieval 1 year ago
  Bert Münnich f7fc6637f3 Support X resource entries with Sxiv class name 1 year ago
  Bert Münnich e4fb084f26 Fix code style of merged code 1 year ago
  noamcore 4853e17b83 Add Xresources capability 1 year ago
  Bert Münnich b83d4fa1bf Add rawtherapee entry to key-handler 1 year ago
  Bert Münnich 71c5766d89 Copy to primary buffer and clipboard 1 year ago
  Bert Münnich 04950162ea Remove tags from image-info 1 year ago
  Bert Münnich 2fb8a8d5fe Remove tagging from key-handler 1 year ago
  Bert Münnich 6a662ae5e0 Document undocumented "-" behavior 1 year ago
  Bert Münnich 674f69f2c9 Fix file list indexes when deleting last image 1 year ago
  Bert Münnich 0bf3265430 Set window title only once at startup 1 year ago
  Bert Münnich 971f5d6694 Revise Makefile 1 year ago
  Patryk Czachurski f7714eaf90 Set executable bit on scripts in exec folder 2 years ago
  Kacper Gutowski e648c11899 Respect updated path format when cleaning cache 2 years ago