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Gnu-social Command Line Interface (gsocial-cli)

gsocial-cli is an actually simple, minimalistic and full featured command-line
client for gnu-social that iteracts with 'ostatus' api using curl and core
'*nix' utilities.


Install systemwide
Clone repository and copy the script into proper location (e.g /usr/bin)

~$ cd /tmp

/tmp$ git clone gsocial-cli

/tmp$ sudo cp gsocial-cli/ /usr/bin/gsocial-cli

/tmp$ sudo chmod +x /usr/bin/gsocial-cli && cd

Alternatively you can clone and run script inside scripts
directory (it requires sudo privileges, password will be prompted):

~$ cd /tmp

/tmp$ git clone gsocial-cli

/tmp$ cd gsocial-cli/scripts && ./ --prefix /usr/bin/

Run ./ -h to learn about installer script


~$ gsocial-cli -c account

... to configure a new account


~$ gsocial-cli -a <account> [option] <args>

... to execute script

Where Options are:
-t <N> Retrieve last 'N' statuses from 'home timeline'
-T <N> Retrieve last 'N' statuses from 'public timeline'
-m <N> Retrieve last 'N' 'mentions' and 'interactions'
-s SENT Retrieve your own 20 most recent statuses
-e <TAG> Retrieve a tag timeline
-U <USERRNAME> <N> Retrieve last 'N' statuses from 'USERNAME''timeline'
i.e.: gsocial-cli -U "" 3
-r <ID> Repeat status with 'id' code number
-d <ID> Delete status with 'id' code number
-f <ID> Favorite status with 'id' code number
-q <ID> Quote status with 'id' code number
-R <ID> Reply status with 'id' code number
-p POST Post a status message. Option don't uses arguments
-h HELP Print this help and exit

Multiple accounts can be configured. If avoiding '-a account' is preferable,
set default account by running:

~$ gsocial-cli set d_account=account

Now, running the script without '-a account' is valid:

~$ gsocial-cli [option] <args>