Database dump, sign, sync and notify
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DataBase Dump Sign Sync and Notify

Dump your database (wether if mysql (mariadb) or postgresql), obtain its
sha256sum and sign with gpg (make files out of this for further verification),
sync everything to remote host (using rsync), notify yourself about to xmpp
recipient (jid or chatroom). Go get a beer and let the script do the job.

dbdssn is a shellscript to ease and automatize database backup processes
asociated to mysql (mariadb) and postgresql service enviroments with an
approach on security.

Dowload the script into your localhost and execute as single user.
For systemwide, copy the script into "/usr/local/bin/" as "dbdssn" (with not
extension) and give proper permissions. A cron job can also be configured.

Run it with:

./ [options] -f inputfile

./ [-[sS]ron[h]] -f inputfile

For [options] and general usage, run "./dbdssn -h".

Inputfile examples is provided within repository.

Known issues

() pg_dump will fail when role password has special characters on it (like "/"
slash). To workaround this issue, urlcoded character can be parsed. I.E.:

This issue is marked for future versions to convert special characters
into correct urlcoded format.

Unknown issues
Probably a lot